Hello, I'm Sarah, and my motto in life is to help as many people as possible to embody their potential, to know who they really are, so that they can live the life of their dreams and the life for which they were born.

Mother of 3 grown children, a Nature lover, passionate about reading and personal development, a salsa dancer, and unconditional fan of the group Depeche Mode, I have so much gratitude towards life and the Universe.
British by birth and French by adoption, I share my life with my husband and our cats. By settling in France, I fulfilled the dream I had when I was a young girl, that I'd nurtured since the age of 10!

My Story

I discovered personal development and spirituality in 2002, when I was expecting my third child. I was deeply saddened by my Nan’s death and worried about the health of my baby, and found myself alone face to face with my reality. This is when I connected to the Universe and found faith in life.
2008 was the year that my life turned around. Through ignoring what my body was crying out for, I found myself bedridden for weeks with a slipped disc. I was able to avoid having an operation thanks to my doctor, other health specialists and my own determination, but I realized it was time for me to take control of my destiny. I started rediscovering who I really was, and in 2009, resigned from a stable full-time job to set up my own business as a solopreneur.

I started enjoying life differently, organizing my time as I wanted and choosing the people I worked with. I was spreading my wings!

Several years later, I found myself at a crossroads in my personal and business life. I felt it was time for me to free myself from my past and to satisfy my deepest desire – learn how to work with energy and guide people who lacked confidence to open up to life’s possibilities.

I’m a teacher, coach and international best-selling author, guiding people to free themselves from their past and birth their best selves, so that they can live their brightest and happiest life! I was born in England and have been living and working in France since the beginning of the Nineties. My clients are therefore both English and French-speaking.

My approach is very holistic. I’m a qualified EFT Practitioner, Performance Coach with NLP, IET® Practitioner, New Paradigm MDT© Master Practitioner and recently trained to be a Singing Bowl Sound Therapist. I offer 121 coaching, group workshops and energy healing sessions.

In answer to the question about what makes me different to other coaches, I’d say that I’m very intuitive, I’ve always been a great listener and very empathetic. This helps me choose the exercises, tools and techniques that are the most suitable for my clients.

I look forward to sharing my experience with you, so that you too can spread your wings and fly!