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Transformational Coaching with Sarah Brigid Brown
Sarah is the Self-Love Catalyst, living in the south of France, sparking your inner flame and facilitating your journey to self-love and acceptance.
She has a passion to share her knowledge and wisdom, helping sensitive, empathic men and women remove past conditioning and the fears and doubts that have been put on them.

Her coaching helps them fundamentally change how they see themselves and love themselves enough to create a brighter and better future.

Sarah takes them on a journey from...

self-doubt, exhaustion, emotional overwhelm, fear of the future and perfectionism


  • Confidence,
  • Inner peace,
  • Clarity,
  • Self-love and freedom.

Heal From Your Past

Heal From Your Past is a 3-month individual coaching program, designed to help you get rid of everything that’s holding you back and heal your emotional wounds! Outcomes: You’ll be ...
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Birth Your Best Self

Birth Your Best Self is a 9-month individual coaching program, designed to help you move past your past into your present to create the future that your soul desires! Outcomes: ...
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Group Workshops

I created my group workshops with the desire to share the tools and techniques that have enabled me to become the coach I am today! During half a day or ...
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Energy Therapies

I can offer you 2 complementary techniques – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) – to help release blocked emotions and cellular memories and balance your energies. ...
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